Our business goes far beyond commerce. We believe that not everything that counts can be counted. Nurturing the environment, linking capacities, identifying challenges and optimizing resources are responsibilities that we shoulder with pride.

Vivekananda Research and Training Institute

Vivekanand Research and Training Institute (VRTI), was established by founder members of Excel with a belief that - India’s strength lay in the rural development and not in urbanizing the rural India. So began the journey to secure land and water resources for farming and bringing more and more farmers closer to the scientific approach while planning their crops and managing natural resources or other challenges. VRTI has supported farmers (the warp and weft of) of India. Besides farming, the NGO has introduced sanitation, medical facilities, offers training and advises villagers on matters related to management on ascertaining of soil conditions and its impact on the harvest. Farmers are advised about the microfinance and commodity trading to keep their knowledge up beat.

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