Our business goes far beyond commerce. We believe that not everything that counts can be counted. Nurturing the environment, linking capacities, identifying challenges and optimizing resources are responsibilities that we shoulder with pride.


Excel Crop Care Limited has supported efforts that create livelihoods for people to form communities that are self-reliant. There are many manifestations of sustainable communities in the form of NGO projects.

Livelihood holds the key to a local community’s decision to continue with its rural settlement or to take the road to the nearest city. Farming, weaving, cattle rearing and sometimes employment with local industries is what keeps most rural communities thriving and rooted to their origins.

Working with communities and offering them livelihood in their own territory has been Excel’s interest while selecting any location for their manufacturing facility. It has helped curb incessant migration to the urban areas as more people make respectable living in their own village and are able to participate in developing better facilities in education, healthcare mostly result of their own trusteeship and ownership. Skills are honed to equip this population to work and maintain good earnings with existing skills.

Most agrarian countries run a risk of losing their farming communities to becoming unskilled labor force in urban areas in. This need not be the case. We work with people to revive their lives and their culture by helping them to keep their traditional livelihoods and devising means and ways for securing more returns to their efforts and investment.

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