Excel & Me


Our business goes far beyond commerce. We believe that not everything that counts can be counted. Nurturing the environment, linking capacities, identifying challenges and optimizing resources are responsibilities that we shoulder with pride.

Excel & Me

We work with farmers, to understand and identify their environment. Partnership and trusteeship with the locals of these regions, has built and strengthened our link with these communities, over last 30 years. We observe that farmers suffer great hardships during cultivation, especially related to water shortage. Sometimes we observe that there has been overuse of ground water and at other times, it is the salinity of the soil.

Through the programme “Excel & Me”, we encourage the farmers to work with us in matters like soil health, water management even adopt modern farm practices. We train farmers to incorporate scientific approach for studying the quality of soil, seeds, diseases and pest problems that affect growing crops, managing cattle, address uncertainty in weather and other environmental challenges such as scarcity of water, rising salinity of soil etc.

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