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Water Harvesting

Farming needs continual supply of water and a sound land to cultivate their crop. Overuse of ground water and increase in the salinity of the soil has brought farming communities to realise the need for conservation and restoration of land and water as resource. Therefore, the need for water management and artificial or man-made restoration system is required.

The various ways of carrying out water management

  • Rainwater Harvesting
  • Preventing and netting overspill from catchments
  • Storing Floodwaters
  • Watershed management

Integrated River Basin Management

The Integrated River Basin Management can be defined as the process of coordinating conservation, management, and development of water, land, and related resources, across sectors, within a given river basin.

An integrated approach using the whole River Basin as a basis for holistic and sustainable planning, can provide a good solution to ensure Economic, Social and Environmental sustainability and ensure Food & Water security.

The various techniques of water harvesting are applied on the basis of some criteria

Problem Strategy Activity Plan Expected Impact
Over exploitation of Ground water Ground water Recharge Rainwater harvesting structures like check dams Increase in water table
Salinity ingress in coastal aquifers Checking sea water intrusion Construction of ‘Bandhara’, sub surface dyke Improvement in ground water quality
Poor quality drinking water Storing rain water Roof top rain water harvesting, filter well in tank Availability of good quality drinking water
Decreasing crop productivity & Soil degradation Mitigating ill effect of chemicals and saline irrigation water Promoting use of compost, green manuring and drip irrigation Improvement in soil quality, Increased productivity

Excel Crop Care works with local communities in different regions to arouse and expand the interest of the local people towards securing their regional natural resources. Water harvesting projects undertaken by VRTI are supported by Excel Crop Care to accelerate agricultural growth. Our partnership and trusteeship with the locals of these regions, has built and strengthened our link with these communities since 30 years.

Communities have co-operated and worked cohesively for years to develop their own systems of water management and harvesting, the benefits of which they are reaping now. As a result of the projects many arid landscapes have developed new patches of green vegetation, water tables have shown astonishing rise and there is more potable water available today.

With improved irrigation, farmers have progressed from a single crop to multiple and even 2-3 crops annually. This has helped the farmers shift from subsistence farming to sustainable farming. This has motivated many to select farming as an occupation and encouraged others to continue farming hence curtail migration.

Excel Crop Care’s, integrated River Basin Management, lead to fruitful results in the (Rann of) arid region of Kutch.

There are four phases of the project

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