research & development

Process Development
  • R & D focuses on development of newer processes which are economic and environment friendly.
  • R & D synthetic laboratory is well equipped with pressure lab, gram lab, kilo lab, and multipurpose pilot plant.
  • R & D team comprises of qualified and dedicated scientists with an in-house team of chemical engineers.
  • These engineers are involved in identifying and addressing scale up issues.
  • R & D supports the manufacturing team in transferring the processes from pilot to plant scale.
Process Safety
Formulation Development
  • Formulation department develops new formulations through various delivery systems which are greener and eco-friendly.
  • It is equipped with various sophisticated equipment which are required for formulation development from gram level to pilot scale.
Analytical Development
  • R & D, analytical development laboratory, is well equipped with various sophisticated analytical instruments.
  • R & D has expertise in analytical method development, impurity profiling and structure elucidation of compounds using chromatography and spectroscopy techniques.
  • R & D supports the product registration activity for chemistry related data.
Soil Health Research
  • R & D is actively working in the area of soil health research, which is a blend of interdisciplinary sciences such as soil chemistry, plant nutrition science, plant pathology, entomology and microbiology.
  • To add, this laboratory also has facility to test formulations in glass houses and fields.
  • The microbiology department also conducts research in the area of bio pesticide development and waste management.
IPR Department